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Guests Management and Logistics

Despite the best of your intentions, it is close to impossible to co-ordinate efficiently with all of your guests

keeping in mind each of their needs and requirements. It is highly unlikely that you can be present in more than one particular place and yet make sure of your undivided attention. This is where we come in. Your guests become our utmost priority. We begin by sending out the invites, Managing RSVPs, noting specific requirements. Apart from this, we can provide luxurious accommodation either in hotels or serviced apartments. Our focus is to coordinate and bring together everybody, thus sparing you the trouble of attending to everyone. Our experience in this industry means that we know it is the feeling and memories that your guests take away with them that makes an event truly unique. Thus, we will ensure that we keep in mind each and every guest, making a note of anything that poses a problem, as well as directing them to the wedding itself making them feel as important as you would have.

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