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Food and Beverages

In Indian culture, food is a love language in itself. The vibrant spices, colors, and flavors of Indian Weddings are infused into so many traditions, especially weddings, and a great Indian wedding catering menu will embrace this.

It is rightly said that the best impression you can leave on your guest is through your food. Dishing up a local menu or planning a melange of various cuisines assorted within one, we know how all of your expectations can be fulfilled. The expertise of wedding planners at Amaraay Weddings extends beyond providing sample menus, and detailed descriptions of what can be served at your wedding. To create a menu tailored to your needs, we will choose the finest wedding caterers available to meet your exact requirements. We can schedule meetings and even food tasting sessions with some of the most sought-after caterers and chefs in the city to help you with the planning of your wedding menu. At your behest, we could customise the menu, the design, and even its presentation. These prior arrangements will not only aid you in making the right choice but you will also possess an idea of what you can expect at your wedding. We also manage both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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