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Design and Decor

The primary element that gives your ceremonies and wedding the essential “wow” factor is hands down, Yes, The Decor !

A wedding is a visual spectacle rife with enchanting display of colours and lights. Do you wish for a wedding that seems charmingly regal complete with glittering chandeliers? Or even a particular theme of your choice? These specifications pose no problem to us when it comes to execution as we have already managed such detailing with great success. Even if you are clueless as to how your venue should look like, or have a definite layout in mind, we will work along these boundaries to ensure an appropriate ambience. Sourcing and handcrafting unique elements, finding the very best suppliers and briefing them on execution your concept – we’ve got it all covered at Amaraay Weddings. Everything is considered from the little details to the ones which stand out by themselves to create the most memorable experience for you and as well as your guests. We will discuss in precise detail of what you wish of the grand day and how certain details will help to achieve a look that represents your style and persona. We will further proceed to create a design which will represent this concept and work from it throughout the planning process to ensure that the whole day is a perfect representation of your ideas.

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